Sunday, October 7, 2007

Owen's Phirst Phillies Game....

...was the last Phillies game of 2007. They got swept by the Rockies in the NLDS. We were sad to see the Phillies season end, but it was exciting to see the Rockies fans celebrate. That place went nuts!

We ordered our tickets before we even knew the Rockies would be in the playoffs. During their one game playoff with the Padres, I ordered the best available seats at that time. When we went to the game, we found the upper deck, and started walking back to our seats... last row! Here is the view from those seats:

The upperdeck was too windy and didn't give a very good view of the game. There are some seats just beyond centerfield called the Rockpile - we migrated to some "standing seats" near there that gave us a better view of the action. Here's a photo from behind the Rockpile:

Owen and his dad at the game:

How we felt after the game:

...and finally, Coors Field hires a few photographers to wander through the stands and take pictures of fans. Here's our picture at the Rockies website:
The Official Coors Field Photo

Friday, October 5, 2007

Owen Video

My snazzy new camera (given to me by the Wife for successfully defending my PhD thesis) does video. Here's our first good video of Owenito laughing while I mess with his hands. Enjoy!